Membership requirements.

Membership Advantages.

  1. The membership of the club shall consist of young professionals of good character and leadership potential between 18 – 35 years.
  2. Every person seeking membership must have a valid national ID/ Passport.
  3. Each member of this club shall attend at least 80% of the clubs regularly scheduled meetings annually, provided that absence from regularly scheduled meetings of the club is excuse by the Board of Directors.
  4. New members shall submit a duly filled application form and monies required to the treasurer upon admission by the club.
  5. Every member shall pay registration fee of Ksh 1,050 (Membership is renewable every year).
  6. Every person seeking membership must be able to read and write fluent English & Swahili.
  7. Any member desiring to resign from the club shall submit his/ her resignation letter to the secretary, which shall take effect from the date of receipt by the secretary.
  8. Every person seeking membership must be with sound mental health.
  9. Any member may be expelled from the club if the committee recommends so and if a special general meeting (SGM) of the club shall resolve by a two thirds majority of the members present that such a member should be expelled on the grounds that his/ her conduct has adversely affected the reputation or dignity of the club or that he/ she has contravened any of the provisions of this constitution. The committee shall have powers to suspend a member from his/ her membership until further notice.
  10. Any member who resigns or is removed from the membership shall not be entitled to refund of his/ her subscriptions or any part thereof or any monies contributed by him/ her at any time.
  1. Free c.v. distribution to potential employers.
  2. Connection to job/ internship opportunities.
  3. All registered members will get access to loan facilities as individual or group. It attracts lowest interest rates with first approval for every application made.
  4. Access to education scholarship will be available for our registered members who are bright & needy. It's available for both Primary, Secondary & University students.
  5. Many investment opportunities available - in the hospitality industry, education, property, Shares, ICT, Beauty industry etc - as an individual or group.
  6. With our digital banking, every registered member will have a saving account that is accessible 24 Hrs, everywhere, anywhere using internet and mobile banking platforms.
  7. With our benevolent programs, all registered members shall have access to funds that will facilitate arrangements during the time they are bereaved of their loved ones.
  8. Exchange programs shall be organized for our members.
  9. Access to all our events - Workshops, seminars, concerts etc - at a highly discounted price from none members.
  10. Mentorship & Networking opportunities for all registered members.